ISO 9001:2008   AS 9100:2009 Rev C   NADCAP Welding   FPI
Flight Approved.  Time Tested

As a flight safety approved vendor we understand what it takes to satisfy stringent standards for precision and quality in every flight-critical part.  Our CNC aerospace machining technology combined with the experience of our skilled machinists enable us to meet those high standards on every job – consistent quality and precision – on design, on time, every time.

Our certified assurance process and calibrated inspection and manufacturing equipment utilize:

  • CNC technology.
  • Advanced precision machining methods.
  • Systems to ensure accuracy, dependability, and repeatability.
  • Highly experienced parts machinists.

Our quality assurance process guarantees:

  • Machining precision parts to customers' exact specifications.
  • Delivering mission critical parts out of the box on time.

Our aerospace customers include:

GE Aviation, Bell Helicopter and Rolls-Royce Aviation

GE Aviation

Bell Helicopter

Rolls Royce Aviation

Examples of our precision flight-critical aerospace parts:

Brazed Transmission Oil Jet

Brazed Stainless Steel Oil jet

Aircraft Engine Manifold Jet

Aluminium Anodized Transmission Oil Jet